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Starting your own business can be a great undertaking. Whose equipment should you use? How much money can you really make? How much work is this going to be? These are the questions we will answer for you.

The windshield repair industry is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s never too late to get on board. We will guide you through the many questions a new business owner will have when starting their own company. We are certain that after your research is done, you will come to the conclusion that owning your own windshield repair company is an ideal way to secure your future. And The Windshield Doctor Repair Kit is the supplier to help your business succeed.

What Is Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is a relatively recent innovation that has turned thousands of individuals into budding entrepreneurs. Put simply, the repair process is the removal of air from a stone damaged area on a windshield and the injection of a high quality acrylic resin into the break. The benefits are two fold. First, by removing the air from the break, the reflection of light is cut down immensely creating a dramatic visual improvement. Second, the injected resin keeps the break from spreading, thus saving the windshield from having to be replaced. Recent technology has kept the windshield repair industry growing with the development of resins that can repair long cracks. See how easy windshield repair can be with our demonstration video below.


What Can Be Repaired?

There are many types of glass on the market but only laminated glass can be repaired. Laminated glass is the process of taking two sheets of glass and fusing them together with a clear sticky plastic sheet in between them. When an object hits this type of glass, it will leave it intact and just break the outside layer of glass. Windshields and some back windows in automobiles are laminated. So, when a small rock makes contact with a windshield, it may leave what is called a star break, the most common type of damage. These are typically 1-1/2 inches in diameter or smaller. If the rock makes contact within 3 inches from the edge of the windshield, these breaks will commonly spread into a running line or crack. The Windshield Doctor Repair Kits are capable of repairing such damage. Using strong resins made for glass, a crack can be repaired leaving just a trace of the damaged area. A properly repaired crack will look like a fine scratch on the windshield.

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What Does It Take To Be A Windshield Repair Technician? Pro Deluxe Kit training materials

Anyone can repair a windshield. With the right equipment and training, windshield repairs are easy to accomplish. Every Windshield Doctor Repair Kit comes complete with a training DVD and manuals to show you step by step how to do the best possible repairs quickly and easily. Combine that with very easy to use equipment and you've got a winning combination.

Profit Potential Profit

The popularity of owning your own windshield repair business can very easily be explained. The incredible profits that are within your reach. Where else can you make $50.00 to $80.00 for 10 to 15 minutes of work? The following scenario is a very good example of how you can make money in this business.

Let's say you do 5 repairs a day at $50.00 per repair. That equates to approximately an hour and a half of actual work, not counting your time in the car between jobs. That's $250.00 per day or $1250.00 per 5 day work week. Not bad at all. Now if you really get serious, you will have car dealerships, fleet accounts and insurance work to provide you with a steady source of income. Making $2000.00 to $3000.00 per week is definitely within reach and can easily be done if you put in the effort.

Now, what about your costs? Well the typical windshield repair uses around 25 cents worth of resin. So if you charge $50.00 for a repair, your profit is $49.75. These days many people are finding that the windshield repair business is their ticket to financial freedom. Full time or part time...the profit potential is undeniable. Don't let this opportunity to change your future pass you by.




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