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Founders Steve and Darin
Steve and Darin

The Windshield Doctor Repair Kit was established in 1994 by two experienced windshield repair business owners, Steve Korman and Darin Blatner. In the business for over 15 years, Steve and Darin were unable to find a company that supplied all the quality products they needed to run their business efficiently. They had to buy from multiple suppliers, which was confusing and time consuming. So they started building their own windshield repair kits for themselves and individuals that were running into the same problem. From those experiences, The Windshield Doctor Repair Kit grew into a corporation that now develops its own equipment with much higher quality than was previously available. They have helped thousands of people start and operate their own successful windshield repair companies all over the world. From the new entrepreneur to the existing large corporation, The Windshield Doctor Repair Kit can show you how to be successful in your own windshield repair business.





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