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Windshield Doctor Repair Bridge and Injector


Windshield Doctor Bridge and Injector

The easiest to use windshield repair bridge on the market is simplicity itself. No need for vacuum hoses or bulky pumps. The new solid stainless steel injector (included) lets you do the best repairs possible in a fraction of the time of competing equipment. (10 minutes as opposed to 15 to 30 minutes).This bridge is self-leveling and is able to reach anywhere on the windshield, even in the corners. Expand your business with the best value on the market today. Lifetime Guarantee.

Part# WD-AB
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WIndshield Doctor Stainless Steel Injector

Windshield Doctor Stainless Steel Injector

Our exclusive design is the heart of the Windshield Doctor Repair Bridge. An all stainless steel, high quality injector that will provide many years of great windshield repairs. A tremendous improvement over plastic or aluminum injectors, offering better pressure, better vacuum and silky smooth performance. Lifetime Guarantee.

Part# WD-SSI




Windshield Doctor Crack Expander
Aluminum Crack Expander

Solid aluminum crack expander that slides easily and reaches low on the windshield for those hard to reach cracks.

Part# WD-PD



UV Light

UV Lamp

A.C. powered ultraviolet curing lamp for indoor repairs or outdoor repairs on cloudy days. A powerful 15 watt, 15" true ultraviolet bulb makes it especially nice for curing long cracks.

Part# WD-UVL




Windshield Doctor Portable UV LIght


Battery Operated UV Curing Lamp

Powerful curing power from a 5.3" true ultraviolet bulb. Comes with convenient suction cup for easy placement on the windshield. Now included with our Quik Kit, Star Repair Kit and Pro Star Repair Kit. Requires 4 AA batteries (included).

Part# WD-PUV



Dremel Cordless Drill

An essential tool of any windshield repair technician. The Dremel 4V Li-ion cordless rotary drill is a workhorse that features ease of use, 1/16" collet, 3 hour USB charging and proven durability.

Part# WD-DLD





Windshield Doctor Repair Kit Curing Film

Ultra Violet Curing Film

State of the art Mylar curing film that enhances the ultraviolet rays for fast and complete curing. Each roll contains 100 feet of film which would yield 1200 star curing tabs or 400 long crack strips or any combination of the two.

Part# WD-CF



drill bits

Carbide Drill Bits

Long lasting carbide drill bits. (Pkg of 10)

Part# WD-DB


white rubber tips

white rubber seal tips

White replacement tips for the Windshield Doctor Injector. For those who prefer this style of rubber seal tip, they are resilient and create an excellent seal against the glass. (Pkg of 4).

Part# WD-RT-W


Windshield Doctor Repair Kit Rubber Seal Tips

Rubber Seal Tips

Long lasting replacement tips for the Windshield Doctor Injector. (Pkg of 4).

Part# WD-RT


Windshield Doctor Repair Kit UV Protected Syringes

UV Protected Syringes

Special syringes designed to protect uv resin from the sun's ultra violet rays. The needles have dull tips to prevent injury. (Pkg of 2).



Replacement Bridge Suction Cup

Replacement Bridge Suction Cup

Replacement suction cup for the Windshield Doctor Bridge.

Part# WD-SC





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