Money Saving Tips…Make Your Windshield Repair Supplies Go Farther

Every windshield repair company relies on a number of different resins and supplies to make their operation successful. Here we will share some money saving tips to make your supplies last longer and go farther.

dlxcombo2Resin – Surely the most expensive of your supplies and one you want to go as far as possible. Most windshield repair resins have a 1 to 2 year shelf life at room temperature. The resin in your vehicle is usually subject to temperatures much higher than that, especially during the hot summer months. Take approximately 1/4 ounce of resin with you in your vehicle and store the bulk of your resin in your temperature controlled shop. When working outdoors, keep your resin bottles closed until you are ready to dispense the resin into your injector or syringe. Try to shade the open bottle from direct sunlight so as not to expose the resin to the sun’s ultraviolet light.
drillbits3Drill Bits  – You can make your drill bits last longer and produce more repairs by treating them gently. Do this by only drilling at the slow speed setting on your drill. The high speed setting creates more friction and heat which will wear out the bit prematurely and often causing them to break off into the windshield. Also drill gradually. What I mean by this is start your initial drilling on the windshield. After 2 or 3 seconds back off the drill, blow away the dust and then drill again for 2 or 3 seconds. Repeat this type of drilling until you’ve reached around halfway into the first layer of glass. This method saves your bit from excessive heat and again increases its life while only adding a few seconds to the drilling step.

film2Curing Film – Now I’m sure you’re wondering what can you do to make your curing film last longer? Well the curing film is reusable. After doing your repair, peel off the film from the windshield and store it back in your tool box. Don’t throw it away. It will eventually wear out with stuck on resin and unwanted creases. At the point where it just won’t lie flat anymore, you can throw it away.

cupSuction Cups – The suction cup on your windshield repair bridge is quite durable yet debris like dust or dried resin will sometimes get stuck on the bottom which can keep it from creating a good seal against the glass. At the end of the day, wipe the suction cup clean and make sure the surface is smooth.

Follow these simple tips over the busy summer windshield repair season. They can help make a difference in your supply expenditures for the year.