Windshield Repair Marketing Tips

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Okay, you’ve got your own windshield repair company. Now all you need is business. Here are some tips to help jump start your sales:

1. Get your business signed up with the insurance billing networks. These are a handful of companies that act as the middlemen for the insurance companies and process all of their auto glass claims. Examples are the SGC Network (, Lynx Services (, Harmon Solutions Group ( and Gerber National Glass Services (

Once you are signed up with these companies you will be ready to do insurance work. Most of the insurance companies waive the insured’s deductible for a windshield repair. In such cases, you can offer your customer a free windshield repair and bill their insurance company. Windshield repair claims, under normal circumstances, do not affect insurance rates for your customers.

2. Visit used car dealerships in your area. Many used cars come onto the lots with stars or cracks in them. Most dealers want these repaired to make sales easier. Dealers regularly hire windshield-repair providers to help get pre-owned cars ready for sale. Talk to the dealers in your market and find out what it would take to earn their business. Offer to do a repair for free so they can see a sample of your work. Dealers tend to be margin-conscious, so expect a lower rate than you would get for a retail job. On the positive side, dealers can provide a steady stream of business.

While you’re at it, also visit other fleet companies in your area such as bus companies, taxi cab companies, businesses with trucks and rental car companies. Most of these companies view windshield repair as valuable preventative maintenance that saves them hundreds of dollars every year by not having to replace expensive windshields.

3. Seek referrals from other car-care businesses. Talk with operators of car washes, oil-change facilities and detailing businesses in your market. Most automotive businesses do not have the equipment or expertise on site to repair windshields, but they all deal with customers who need the service. Ask these businesses to refer customers to you, and, in exchange, discount your services for these customers. This will provide you with extra work and will help other local automotive businesses build good will with their customers.

4. Consider your advertising strategies. A company website, yellow page ads and social media marketing such as Facebook are great ways to get your message out to potential customers. Magnetic signs for your vehicle make you a traveling billboard. Make up flyers to put just on cars with windshield damage.

5. Be professional. As with any business, presentation and perception is everything. Dress neatly and have good looking business cards made up. Being professional inspires confidence in your customer that you will do a good job for them.

These tips will help you get started with your windshield repair marketing campaign.