Want to Increase Profits? Think About Adding Windshield Repair…

Business Plan

What if you could cut your overhead expenses on fleet maintenance or increase sales tickets with your current customer base? Since you specialize in what you do, how can you add a totally new service to your business and still maintain your high standards of service and quality? As an owner or manager of a successful business, these are questions foremost on your mind. Adding windshield repair to your list of services could be the answer. By repairing the stone damaged windshields of your own fleet of vehicles, you can save thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary windshield replacements. And if you have an automotive related business, you can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line by offering an additional service to your existing customers.

So, how to do it? Well there are lots of windshield repair kits on the market to choose from. Some are quite expensive, complicated and loaded with extra parts and accessories to make it just intimidating enough for you to put your decision off for another day. On the other hand there are kits out there that are easy to use and come with the exact tools and supplies you need to perform expert windshield repairs.

Being an employee of The Windshield Doctor Repair Kit, I have a “slight” bias towards our own kits. They are very easy to learn and use and include training and marketing materials to help you get started. There are, of course, others on the market you can consider. If you have any questions, you can always call our office for additional information at 888-267-4800. Good luck and good profits!