Windshield Repair Cold Weather Tips

As winter is upon us, many of you have asked the question…Is it safe to do windshield repair in cold weather? While repairing windshields outside in the bitter cold is not ideal, it can definitely be done. For best results, take the following tips for cold weather repairs.


  •  In frigid temperatures, don’t store your resin and equipment in your vehicle overnight. Bring your windshield repair kit inside with you so the next day it is warm and ready for your first repair. Keep your resin warm during the work day. If need be carry your resin bottles in your pocket.
  • Warm the windshield with the defroster. To keep the windshield from cracking, make sure not to over heat the glass. Around 70 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal. If the defroster is not available then use a lighter to warm up the area to be repaired. Again not too hot.
  • Allow for extra time during the curing process. Usually an extra 2 minutes is adequate as long as the you have ample sunshine. For partly cloudy conditions, add another minute or two.
  • If you are using a UV lamp, try to keep that warm as well for optimal curing power.
  • As always never attempt to repair a windshield that is wet. The break needs to be completely free of moisture for the repair to work.

I hope these tips will help you this winter perform the very best repairs possible. Of course the very best cold weather solution is to perform your repairs indoors if that is at all an option.

We’ve Got A New Look…On Your Mobile Device

Windshield Doctor Repair Kit

In order to accommodate our customers using mobile devices, we’ve changed our site to make it easier to place orders on smart phones and tablets. No more resizing windows just to see what you’re doing. We’ve also added individual customer accounts so you can sign in, save personal preferences and review past orders. PayPal is back as a payment option and USPS is now available for our international customers to make shipping more affordable. We’re working hard to make it easier and more convenient for our customers now and in the future.


Insurance Companies Pay 100%…Your Customers Pay $0.


On a typical work day a potential customer will call you for a quote to fix a break on his/her windshield. You can quote them and hope they agree to use your shop. Or you can inquire about their auto insurance coverage first. If they have comprehensive coverage most insurance companies will waive their deductible and pay 100% for the repair. The repair is FREE to them. Free is a pretty easy sell. Everyone likes free. With a simple phone call the insured can get the claim setup and assigned to your shop. You do the work and bill the insurance network handling the claim and your customer will appreciate the fact that you took the extra effort to save them money.

I mentioned before that most insurance companies offer to waive the deductible for a windshield repair. State Farm is one exception. They will only pay for a windshield repair if the deductible is $0. They will not waive a deductible as the other insurance companies will. So you should first find out if you’re talking to a State Farm customer before telling them they can get a free repair.

So there you have it, another great incentive for your customer to take care of their windshield problem sooner rather than later.

Expand Your Windshield Repair Business By Adding Long Crack Repair

windshield crack

Ask windshield repair professionals about repairing long cracks and you’ll get a multitude of answers. Some will say emphatically “that long crack repair doesn’t work. Anything longer than 6 inches has to be replaced.” While others will tell you “I can repair a single running crack all the way across the windshield without a problem.”  Well the truth is a single running crack can be repaired successfully all the way across the windshield if you like. Most will limit it to 2 to 3 feet. The reason is that a crack all the way across the windshield has usually been there for quite a while. And because a crack is open at the surface for 99% of its length, it has accumulated a fair amount of dirt that gets embedded into the crack. So why is that bad? Well after any windshield repair is performed, embedded dirt in the break is visible. More so on a long crack.

So how about long crack repair? Well with the proper equipment, resin and training, long crack repair can be a very profitable addition to your windshield repair service. The fact that not everyone performs this type of repair means it can be a specialty niche for your company making you stand out from all the rest. If you have any questions about adding long crack repair to your company, please contact us at 888-267-4800 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

The Importance of Windshield Repair!

Your car has a safety kit inside it. The air bags, seatbelts and windshield are a major part of your car’s safety restraint system. When you are in an accident, the air bags keep you from hitting the dash and the seatbelts keep you from flying through the windshield. What you may not realize is the windshield maintains the structure of the vehicle in case your car rolls in an accident. It can possibly keep you from being ejected and it serves as a cushion for the occupants.  Continue reading

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Now is the time to take control of your financial future. Stop trying to find a job and just create one by starting your own business with The Windshield Doctor Repair Kit. Starting up couldn’t be simpler with our easy to use equipment. Everything you need is in every kit – Marketing and Training materials, Equipment and Supplies. We have over 20 years of experience in the windshield repair industry and we can suggest the right kit for you. For as little as $375.00 you can jumpstart your future. If you have any questions or would like to get started, give us a call at 888-267-4800.